Our guide with information on things worth knowing about green roofs

Are you planning to install a green roof on your building or structure? One thing is certain: green roofs are an important aspect of environmentally friendly construction and also deliver some added  benefits from a technical point of view. Regardless of whether on flat roofs, pitched roofs or on a steep roof - a beautifully designed green roof has a lot to offer.

However, before you can commence with the green roof build-up, you must consider important points for the roof structure and design phase, without which your dream of a green roof cannot be realised. Of course, we can also clear up your questions on the correct choice of plants and service and maintenance for your roof. With the right servicing, you will have decades of fun and enjoyment from your own green oasis on your roof. No need to worry about high maintenance costs. An extensive green roof is not just especially easy to maintain, but also largely self-sustaining.

Do you have any further questions on green roofs? - Then simply take a look at our FAQs. You will find even more helpful answers for a wide range of questions on the subject of green roofs there.

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Plants for green roof coverings

Despite the extreme conditions to which plants on green roofs are exposed, the list of suitable plants for green roofs is longer than one might first expect. You can find all the important information on selecting the right plants here.

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Servicing & Maintenance of Green Roofs

The maintenance requirements for an extensive green roof are generally very low. With only one or two maintenance visits per year, you can enjoy your green roof for a long time. We explain what servicing and maintenance work is nevertheless required here.

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Frequently asked Questions

In our FAQs, we clarify frequently asked questions from our customers and interested parties. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions we have not covered yet in our FAQs,. We will be happy to provide you with advice and support.

Implementing green roofs yourself: The flat roofing package

The 10m2 flat roofing package for extensive green roofing is an ideal comprehensive package for installing a green roof on your own garage or carport. Using our easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions, you can install a green roof covering on your roof yourself, in no time at all. You will find all the information and tips required in our instructions. Best of all, you need not worry about choosing the right plants. You will receive a voucher for sedum shoots along with our flat roofing package, which you can easily redeem with us. We will then send you the sedum shoot mix in good time. Nothing now stands in the way of you installing a green roof covering on your own garage - you can find even more information about the flat roofing package here.

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Further information on green roofs

Benefits of green roofs

Green roofs - not just beautiful to look at, but also characterised by numerous environmental benefits. Learn more about the advantages.

Benefits of green flat roof coverings

Green flat roof coverings make an important contribution to climate protection and environmental protection and can deliver a wide range of benefits.

TOPGREEN Green Roof System

Using our TOPGREEN green roofing systems, you will obtain an especially simple and safe solution to implement your green roof covering.