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The beautiful appearance of a green roof, with beautiful greenery and flowers, must no longer remain just a dream. Green roofs offer you a multitude of benefits and by so doing provide your building with an especially attractive appearance. If you install a green roof covering on your building, you will not only benefit from the many positive effects for your roof, but you are also making a particularly important contribution towards preserving biodiversity. Green roofs give a piece of greenery back to nature, they improve the quality of life in cities and towns; rainwater retention relieves sewers and wastewater systems, and green roofs can make a major contribution to unblocking. Last but not least, green roofs help protect and insulate your roof and thus extend the overall service life of the entire roofing structure.

Benefits of green roofs: Everything at a glance

You will not only extend the life of your roof with a green roof but are also making an important contribution to climate protection, and you will benefit from cost savings through the energy saved. Read more about other positive effects of a green roof here.

Green roof covering for roofs with inclinations up to 45°

Even on roofs with a pitch of up to 45°, it is possible to implement green roofs quickly and safely. We will show you here what you must consider for the build-up of the system, what prerequisites must be met, and what type of green roof covering is most suitable.

TOPGREEN - the simplest way to install green roofs

Innovative green roofing systems from TOPGREEN permits you to build your green roof easily and safely. Thanks to our innovative system, even roofs with a roof pitch up to 45° are particularly safe and easy to green.

Green roof coverings for a flat roof - Everything you need to know

Installing a green roof covering on a flat roof delivers numerous advantages and benefits and can be carried out using different variants. We have compiled a comprehensive overview for you, with information on the build-up and requirements of green flat roofing.

Green roofing coverings are easy to install – with our flat roofing package

With our complete package for extensive green roofs, you can easily tackle a green garage roof project yourself. You can find more information about the flat roof package and a green roof for your garage here.

Extensive green roofs - Easy to service and maintain

Extensive green roofing is one option for a green roof, which is especially easy to service and low maintenance. This type of green roof offers many advantages and is particularly close to nature. We have compiled further benefits and information for you here.

The simplest way to install a green roof - benefit from our 30 years of experience

As a system provider for green roofs in Germany, we have provided our customers with a professional and comprehensive service for green roofing for 30 years. With our professional partner network, we visit and install numerous green roof coverings throughout Germany every year.

With company headquarters in Lohne, Lower Saxony, North German customers can benefit in particular from short transport routes and rapid delivery times. We provide green roofing solutions for roofs with pitches up to 45°. Our pitched roofing system for roofs with angles of inclination up to 45° is especially convincing due its innovative and unique installation technique. TOPGREEN green roofing systems and products offer high quality, are simple and safe to install, providing excellent value for money. You can find extensive information on green roofing  on our website and will be inspired by our reference objects, or projects we have already completed.

Schrägdachbegrünung mit bis zu 45 Grad - TOPGREEN-Gründachsysteme