Green Roofing options and solutions: an overview of the different types

The possibilities and solutions for green roof coverings are as diverse as the plants you can find on a green roof covering. Especially in this day and age, when large areas are sometimes fully sealed and waterproofed, and gardens and quasi-natural areas are becoming smaller and smaller, it is especially important to return a piece of greenery back to nature.

You can create a direct link between nature and the architect by using a green roof, and can benefit from the numerous environmental and technical advantages. A basic distinction is made between two types of green roofs, which differ from each other in terms of servicing requirements and work, and usability. Depending on the type of roof and angle of inclination, you can use different types of green roof covering and benefit from the advantages.

You can find more information on possible green roof coverings below.

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Flat green roofs – build-up and information

Flat green roofs provide numerous benefits and can be implemented in different variants. You will find a lot of useful information and impressions on flat green roofing solutions here.

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Pitched green roofs – build-up and information

Pitched green roofs can be fitted on roofs with a pitch of up to 45° and thanks to our system, can be implemented quickly and safely. In this overview, we show you what you must consider during set-up of the system.

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Extensive green roofs: easy to service and simple to implement

Extensive green roofs are one option for green roof coverings, which have especially low servicing requirements, and are largely self-sufficient as regards servicing. Further benefits and information on extensive green roofs are explained below.

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Installing green garage roofs yourself: a step-by-step guide

Small areas - big impact: In this step-by-step guide, we show you how you can install flat green roof coverings yourself, even on small areas, such as on carports, garages and the like.

Unique - the TOPGREEN green roofing system

The easiest way to implement a green roof is on a flat roof where, as a rule, no further structural measures must be taken to prevent the substrate and green roof build-up against slipping.

But it is precisely with green pitched roofs, that the uniqueness of the TOPGREEN green roof system becomes evident. Even on roof surfaces with pitches of up to 45°, pitched roof systems have an especially simple build-up and can be installed secured against the substrate and greenery slipping off. The type and method of construction and green roof covering also depend on servicing and maintenance requirements, subsequent uses and location of the roof.

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Further information on green roofs

Plant list

The list of plants suitable for green roofs is longer than one might first suspect. We have summarised some aspects for you.

Benefits of green roofs

Green roofs - not only beautiful to look at, but also characterised by numerous environmental advantages. Learn more about the benefits.


Using TOPGREEN green roof systems, you will obtain a particularly simple and safe solution for implementing your green roof.