Green roofs: numerous benefits for you and your environment

The demand for green roofs and green roofing solutions has grown steadily over recent years. Green roofs are very much in vogue, and not without reason: you will benefit from the wonderful appearance of the green oasis on your own roof, not only from a visual point of view. Green roofs are also good choices from a technical and environmental perspective.

Green roofs promote preservation of biodiversity, they store rainwater, filter fine dust and reduce noise pollution. Green roofing solutions offer us a long list of positive benefits and with extensive green roofs, on the other hand, the service and maintenance requirements are very low.

Dachbegrünung auf einem Blockhaus mit der Extensivbegrünung

Benefits of green roofing

With a green roof, you are returning a little piece of greenery to nature and counteracting the rapidly growing number of sealed and waterproofed areas. We have prepared a summary of benefits of green roofing for you.

Environmental compensation area for plants and wildlife

Due to the increasing number of sealed and waterproof surfaces, permanent habitats for plants and wildlife is growing ever smaller. With a green roof, you are returning a little piece of greenery to nature, which has been taken away from it by sealing and waterproofing the ground. Green roofs provide environmental compensation, offering plants, animals and wildlife  permanent, natural habitats.

Many local government regions and districts already benefit from the possibility of areas covered by building land-use plans or partial areas, with fixed specifications for green roof coverings on flat roofs. In return, however, grants or other monetary subsidies for green roofs are often available.

Green roofs store rainwater

Green roofs store the greatest part of total annual precipitation and gradually release it into the environment through transpiration. This delayed release of rainwater relieves drains and sewers, maximum runoff ‘spikes’ are reduced during periods of heavy rainfall and the risk of flooding during periods of heavy rainfall is generally reduced.

Transpiration of rainwater has an additional cooling effect on the surrounding air. You may also benefit financially from these advantages, because in some cities and municipalities installing green roofs has a positive effect on wastewater fees which must be paid.

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Energy savings through thermal insulation and heat protection

A natural and near-natural climate control system on your own roof? It sounds far-fetched and unbelievable at first, but the cooling and heat-insulating properties of green roofing are similar to those of classic climate control systems. In summertime, a green roof acts as a natural heat shield. The transpiration capacity of the layer of plants reduces heat build-up in summertime.

This keeps living spaces inside the building pleasantly cool. In wintertime, on the other hand, the green roof acts like an additional layer of insulation. You can benefit from this additional insulation because it reduces energy consumption and associated energy costs. These properties increase the well-being of residents, reduce energy costs for heating and protect the environment.

Green roofs protect roof seals and waterproofing

All extreme wind and weather influences from hail, storms, UV radiation and temperature extremes in summertime and in winter - affect the roof seal and waterproof already present. In the case of green roofs, damage and corresponding repair work may soon result. Green roof coverings protect roofing seals and waterproofing against all these influences of weather influences and temperature differences.

Green roofs have a significantly longer service life, compared to roof seals with no green roof covering. This means you will benefit from cost savings, as service, maintenance and renovation work must not be carried out until later on.

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Improving the microclimate

The microclimate describes, among other things, a small, clearly defined area from a few metres to a few kilometres. The prevailing microclimate is significant for the quality of life of people, wildlife and animals inside this area.

The transpiration process of the stored rainwater on green roofs cools and humidifies the surrounding air. This effect has a positive impact on the microclimate in the area. In especially densely populated areas, this effect can prove to be pleasantly refreshing.

Green roofs and preserving biodiversity

Preservation biodiversity also proves to be a major challenge In Germany, too. According to studies, almost one third of all species of plants and animals are considered as endangered. Insects, which are enormously important for our ecosystem and our quality of life, are hit especially hard by this.

Green roofs give plants and animals back some of the important habitat that building structures took away. Beetles, insects, bees, wild bees, butterflies and other native species can be found on green roofs. With a green roof, you are making an important contribution to preserving biodiversity.

Green roofs absorb fine dust and pollutants

The filtering effect of green roofs represents another positive ecological benefit. Filtering and absorption properties of vegetation help reduce the CO2 content of the air. Thus, you are making a positive contribution to reducing global warming with a green roof.

Green roofs: Really eye-catching

Just imagine for a moment: You look out of your window onto a roofing surface full of vibrant and colourful shades of green - wouldn't that be beautiful? The sight of a green roof appeals not only for nature lovers. Compared to common roofing surfaces made of gravel ballast, tar paper or conventional roofing tiles, a green roof has a positive effect on the overall appearance of the immediate surroundings.

If a green roof has already been considered during the design phase, a wonderful landscape will be created that blends seamlessly into the overall image. Not only at home and in private settings, but also in working environments, a green roof can have a positive effect on the mood of employees and colleagues. Especially when it is in the direct field of vision. In combination with walkable surfaces and areas, green roofs are also suitable as places for rest and recreation for people and wildlife. If you ever run out of energy and have had enough of dreary, grey everyday life, simply retreat to your green roof covering and enjoy your green oasis in the middle of the city.

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Benefits of extensive green roofing

Extensive green roofing is a type of green roof that should be installed as close to nature as possible, and which must be able to get by with a minimum of servicing and maintenance. This type of greening is particularly suitable for small areas or sloping roofs. You can also find this type of greening on many flat roofs. Compared to intensive green roofs, the benefits of extensive green roofs are the minimum servicing and maintenance requirements, reduced weight per unit area and lower costs for installation and implementation. The simple method of implementation even permits you to install greenery on smaller areas yourself. Thus, you can install as green garage roof yourself or embellish summer houses with a green roof.

Plants on an extensive green roof are largely self-sustaining and usually only require one or two service or maintenance visits per year. In contrast to intensively green roofing areas, an extensive green roof is only accessed for servicing and maintenance. Throughout the year, you will enjoy the wonderful interplay of flowers; colours and flowering periods. The sedum species for our shoot mix or sedum matting contain flower colours ranging from pink to yellow, and flower and blossom approximately in the periods from May to October.

With an extensive green roof, you are making an important contribution to the environment and can benefit from all the advantages mentioned above.

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Further information on green roofs

Flat green roofs

Flat green roofs make an important contribution to protecting the environment and can deliver a wide variety of benefits.

Green pitched roof coverings

Green pitched roof coverings can be implemented out on roofs with a angles of inclination up to 45° and are particularly safe thanks to our system.

TOPGREEN Green Roofing System

With our TOPGREEN green roofing systems, you will obtain an especially simple and safe solution for implementation of your green roof.