TOPGREEN green roofing system - simple installation of green roofs

TOPGREEN green roofing systems offers you solutions for simple and safe green roof coverings on pitched roofs with angles of inclination up to 45°. With our products, you will benefit from the numerous advantages of green roofs and can rely on us as a reliable partner right by your side.

Together with our customers, we make the world a little bit greener every day throughout Germany. High-quality products, comprehensive and customer-oriented advice and long-life functionality of green roofing systems are the key to our success. Together with our partner companies, we install thousands of square metres of green roof coverings every year and together with our customers actively contribute to environmental protection and climate control protection.

You can find even more information on this page about the possible solutions of the TOPGREEN green roofing system, individual products, testimonials from our customers and insights into projects we have already completed.

For flat roofs and very steeply sloping roofs

The roofing landscape in Germany is characterised by a wide variety of roof shapes. Inclined roofs and pitched roofs are more often abound in residential areas. Modern office buildings or large warehouse and superstructures are often equipped with flat roofs or slightly pitched monopitch roofs, and stables and industrial buildings also feature pitched roofs.

The TOPGREEN product range has optimum solutions for flat, pitched and steep roofs with pitches up to 45° present. No matter how large the green roofing area for installation may be, with our solutions you can always rely on a long-lasting, sustainable and safe alternative to conventional roofing.

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Greenery on flat roofs

Ideal for flat roofs with roof pitches of up to 15°. In this overview, you will learn everything you need to know about greenery for flat roof coverings and solutions available with TOPGREEN green roofing systems.

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Green roof coverings for pitched roofs

From slightly inclined, sloping roofs to pitched roofs with inclinations up to 45°. This guide provides you information you must know for a green roof covering on a pitched roofs for your structure.

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Our products at a glance

An overview of various TOPGREEN products. Learn more about the properties and areas of application for individual products. Discover the easy way to install green roof coverings.

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Installing a green roof covering on your garage yourself

Are you planning to install a green roof on your garage, and are you looking for a complete package? You can find a step-by-step guide for a green roof covering on your garage, and all the information on our flat roofing packages here.

Our projects for a greener world

From roofs for refuse bin stores to large industrial buildings - green roof coverings belong on the roof. Over the course of time, we have been able to realise a wide variety of projects together with our customers throughout Germany. Each green roof is different and therefore we always give our all for every green roof we install. We have compiled some impressions of past projects for you here.

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Further information on green roofs

Plant list

The list of plants suitable for green roofs is longer than one might at first suspect. We have summarised some interesting aspects for you.

Advantages of green roofs

Not only beautiful to look at, but also characterised by numerous environmental benefits and advantages - green roofs. Learn more about the numerous advantages of green roofs.


We have already been able to install numerous green roof coverings throughout Germany along with our customers. When will it be your roof’s turn? Feel free to contact our team at any time.