Products for TOPGREEN green roofing systems at a glance

Many years’ enjoyment of the wonderful, lush greenery on your own roof: that is what all green roof owners are looking for. Harmonious interaction between individual components and using high-quality products is of particular important for the development of your green roof.

With TOPGREEN green roofing systems, you receive all the products for green roofs from a single source - starting with the root-proof waterproofing, protective fleeces and drainage trays / pans right through to the substrate and planting. Simple and secure build-ups for TOPGREEN green roofing systems not only convince our partner companies, but numerous customers are also enthusiastic about our products. We would like to give you an overview of our product range here.

Flat roofing shell GDS 15

The innovative GDS 15 flat roofing shell is impressive with its high load-bearing capacity and quick and easy installation. Thanks to the high-quality shell, roof gardens with walkway slabs for paths and seating areas as well as slightly pitched roofs (inclined up to 15°) can also be implemented using these flat roofing shells.

The flat roof greenery is set in the stable trays together with the substrate for planting. The GDS 15 serves as a drainage and water storage element and is ideal for extensive green roofs.

Flachdachschale für Dachbegrünung - TOPGREEN-Gründachsystem

Product features and technical information - GDS 15


PP-C (Polypropylene Copolymer)

Dimensions / Covering dimensions

60 cm x 40cm x 3 cm / 59 cm x 39cm x 3 cm


0,95 kg


Composites - 4.17 pcs./m² laid on a root-proof roofing membrane according to FLL green roofing guidelines

Fixing and fastening

No fixing or fastening, secured using superimposed loads Substrate / green plants / gravel ballast

  • High water retention capacity
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Flexible build-up
  • Durable functionality
  • High load capacity

Pitched roofing tile GDP 30

Our GDP 30 pitched roof tile has a worldwide unique system and is convincing due to its long-life and durable functionality, its simple and well-known installation systems and its outstanding price-performance ratio.

This tile is ideally suited for all monopitch, catslide and sawtooth roofs and is also used on modern office and industrial buildings. Green roof coverings are easy and swift to install on roofs with inclinations from 16° - 30°, using GDP 30 pitched roof tiles.

Neigungsdachpfanne für Dachbegrünung - TOPGREEN-Gründachsystem

Product characteristics and technical information - GDP 30


PP-C (Polypropylene Copolymer)

Dimensions / Covering dimensions

83,5 cm x 54 cm x 5 cm / 80 cm x 50 cm x 5 cm


2,65 kg


as a composite - 2.5 pcs./m²

Battens / Fixing and fastening

4 cm x 6 cm, spacing: approx. 25 cm ± 1 cm / fasteners according to static engineering requirements, with screw fixings in the edge region

  • Durable functionality
  • Innovative installation system
  • Highly anti-slip and shear resistant
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • For private and industrial buildings

Pitched roofing tile GDP 45

Green roof coverings for pitched roofs with angles of incline up to 45° - these present a real challenge to green roofing contractors. Using our GDP 45 pitched roof tile, we have succeeded in developing a pitched roofing system that is unique worldwide and is especially suitable for double-pitched, hipped and tent roof designs for private residential constructions. This pitched roof greenery system can also easily be applied to the existing roof architecture during renovations or refurbishment work (it is essential that the static engineering conditions are kept to). This environmentally conscious alternative for conventional tiled roofs is impressive, with an excellent price-performance ratio and an installation system familiar to every roofing contractor. The particularly high anti-slip and shear resistance of the GDP 45 ensures greater safety and longevity of the green roof. In combination with pre-cultivated sedum mats, an extensive green roof can be implemented quickly and easily on your pitched roof with the help of the GDP 45.

Steildachpfanne für Dachbegrünung - TOPGREEN-Gründachsystem

Product characteristics and technical information - GDP 45


PP-C (Polypropylene Copolymer)

Dimensions / covering dimensions

80 cm x 54 cm x 6,5 cm / 75 cm x 50 cm x 6,5 cm


2,80 kg


as a composite - 2.6 pcs./m²

Battens / Fixing and fastening

4 cm x 6 cm, spacing: approx. 50 cm ± 1 cm / fixing and fastening according to static engineering requirements, by screwing in at the roof edge area

  • Unique system worldwide
  • Particularly high anti-slip and shearing strength
  • Suitable for roof pitches up to 45°
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • For double-pitch, hipped and tent roofs

TOPGREEN roofing accessories: substrates, ridge pans and much more

As a system solution provider, we offer all products for successful green roof installations from a single source. From root protection foil according to FLL guidelines to drainage elements and sedum matting or sprouts - at TOPGREEN you will benefit from high-quality products, professional service and many years’ experience in green roofs. You can discover our complementary product range for green roofing here.

Ansicht des Susbtrats des TOPGREEN Gründachsystems

TOPGREEN substrate

The TOPGREEN substrate is an optimum vegetation carrier layer for the TOPGREEN green roofing system. The substrate, produced based on of FLL green roofing guidelines, is applied with a substrate 5 cm thick (when using sedum matting), up to 8 cm deep (when using sedum shoots) and, depending on the size and location of the roof, can be delivered as bagged goods, in big bags or using a silo vehicle.

Ansicht der Sedummatten des TOPGREEN Gründachsystems

TOPGREEN sedum matting

From pitched roofs with angles of inclination in excess of 15°, we recommend use of pre-cultivated sedum mats. Sedum matting is installed when no frost is present and are at least 95 % green on delivery. They consist of six to eight different sedum species that are particularly suitable for extensive planting. The minimum maintenance requirement is limited to one to three service or maintenance cycles per year, depending on build-up and location.

Ansicht der Sedumsprossen des TOPGREEN Gründachsystems

TOPGREEN sedum shoots

Freshly cut shoots of the individual sedum species can take root in the substrate within a few weeks, and develop into fully grown sedum plants. After spreading, the sedum shoots must regularly be supplied with moisture during the first 4-6 weeks. TOPGREEN sedum shoots are ideally suited to extensive flat roof greenery with a roof pitch of up to 15°.

Ansicht der Entlüftungspfanne des TOPGREEN Gründachsystems

TOPGREEN air extraction pan

Air extraction tiles are suitable for roofs with pitches from 16° to 45° and are installed at the points on the roof where roof penetrations are required, usually for air ventilation. The tiles are supplied with a hole and an EPDM gasket 110mm in diameter so that (venting, air extraction) pipes and other elements (e.g. aerials) can pass through the tiles.

Ansicht der Firstpfanne des TOPGREEN Gründachsystems

TOPGREEN ridge pans

The TOPGREEN ridge tiles are used for optimum ridge ventilation for your double-pitch roof. Suitable for roofs with a pitch of 16° - 45°, ridge tiles are simply installed on the first green roof tiles starting from the ridge. The incident air flow is directed through openings in the ridge tiles to the outside, so that permanent air circulation can be ensured and any moisture arising will dry off well.

Ansicht der Ergänzungsmöglichkeiten des TOPGREEN Gründachsystems

Easy to complete

Thanks to the innovative system of TOPGREEN products, you can easily make extensions to your roof. Solar power systems, ladder hooks and safety hooks, chimney connections and steps or skylights can be integrated into the existing green roofing system present in just a few simple steps. If you have any questions about implementation of certain additions, our team is always on hand to advise you.

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